Importance of Recruitment and Why It Is Needed? In the world of business, our companies must be as good as the people who are working and hired to carry out day to day operations. People get hired as per the needs of the company and all the skills and abilities of the candidates are well-matched with the job role. The overall organization is on the way to get great success as the company gets people for the business with high calibre and who are damn serious about their work and job duties.

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What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is the process managed by the Human resources department of an organization to get the right person with the right skills and abilities within the right span of time. It is very vital towards the performance of an organization. The activity is quite critical not only for the HR team but also for the managers who are part of the selection process. All the candidates in the activities of the recruitment procedure ought to be equipped with the appropriate abilities as well as knowledge.

Define Recruitment

According to Edwin B. Flippo, “Recruitment is the process of searching for the potential candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for job vacancies in the organization”.

Importance of Recruitment and Why It Is Needed?

At each stage of the recruitment process, diversity is also taken into consideration. All the processes and system reviewed again to make sure that not even a single talent gets blocked from being a part of the organization. Every concerned person is part of activities like short-listing and interviewing must be aware of all associated legislation.

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The recruitment process involves the series of stages such as define the role, attracting the relevant applicants and managing the application to fill the vacant position. It is hard to find good and loyal talent for the organization success and the HR team is required to count on the candidates as well as get the job done. Take some time and grow the process of recruitment that can find the people who have the same level of skills and knowledge as needed by the vacant role in the business firm. A good recruitment process seems great to save time and money on the replacement and provide training to new candidates. Let us have a look at the importance of Recruitment process and why it is a must in every organization. Let us begin importance of recruitment.

1. Searching out quality candidates

The main objective of an employee is to have a good quality of employees. The first and the foremost step is to make an attractive job description and do proper advertising as it should appear on the notification bar of the relevant candidates who have an accurate set of skills to fulfil the responsibilities of the job. It is vital to keep in mind that what sort of work the candidates can do and in which areas they will get the proper training to do the job in a way so that they can achieve the targets easily.

To exemplify, when a plumber is hiring a bookkeeper, then there is no need to teach the bookkeeper what type of work is required to be done by him and whatnot. It takes proper research that how rivalries are giving the salary scale to their employees and what kind of benefits they provide. It depends on the nature of the talented applicants as some may want to work with employees where salary may be less but the associated advantages are quite high. Feel the trend in the market and search for the candidate who meets the requirements and pay them accordingly.

2. Save time and money for training with a quality selection

Go through all the job duties and skills needed to do the job and then evaluate whether the candidate is able to do the job or not. There is no gut feeling needed and the selection of candidates is based entirely on defined metrics as you assess the candidate profile and establish a link with the job role. When this process is done in a very efficient manner, then chances are more that the organization will succeed.

You will save a lot of time and money if there is less replacement of employees as the new employees need the training to do the job duties. If there is a shortage of staff within the organization, then it may lead to lower revenue and keeping the turnover low. Huge costs and time is devoted to filling the vacant position through advertisement, interviewing and providing proper training to all people.

3. Minimize the legal consequences

An organization can protect them from getting into the employment-related legal issues as there is a systematic process for all candidate and they follow the same every time. If in case, the candidate feels any sort of discrimination during the recruitment process, then the employee can get sued for being bias among the applicants. In order to stay away from all these misconceptions, keeping the entire interview in a professional manner and never ask any kind of personal questions.

The same level of the test must be provided to all the candidates and it means that no special treatment is given to anyone. It is not allowed to give preference to anyone in terms of age, gender, religion and disabilities.

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4. Filling up vacant positions with the right candidate

It is vital to summarize the skills and knowledge that is required for a job role and also add to the skills as well as abilities that will increase the chances of getting the best candidates. All these things are done during the recruitment process by the Human Resource Department.

Two categories of skills are there like one that is required for the proper fulfilment of the job and the other one are those which are not at all related to the job position. But if the candidate has some sort of skills as required for the job, then they can get a chance. It is a must to put up the advertisement in the right manner so that deserving candidates can approach and get an opportunity.

5. Employee Referral Program

The organization always prefers to take some suggestions from their existing employees as they have any sibling who can fit into the vacant job position and it is also a great part of the recruitment process. It is a perfect way to get some applications of talented candidates that will be good for the organization. You can get some assistance from job portals as well as employment agencies but the employee referral program is the effective one as the employees are aware of working and job qualities that are needed and they can give better references. If the employees are not able to provide the relevant candidates, then move forward to portals or agencies.

6. Organizational Growth

An integral part of the growth of an organization is recruitment. A pool of talented candidates comes up when the recruitment process takes place as it is available under one roof. According to the skills and knowledge required, umpteen candidates apply for the job role and engraved by the organization.

The best-suited candidate is selected by the organization out of the ample candidates applied for the job. Through the process of recruitment, a rope of best candidates for the job is selected to ignoring the rush at the last minute.

7. Choose the deserving one

By the process of recruitment, the right candidate will be selected by the HR team and filter out the incapable candidates who are not able to do the job properly. Chalk out the criteria as required by the job prior commences the process of recruitment.

As per the job guidelines, the misfit candidates can be rejected at the same point of time and it is better to concentrate more on the capable candidates. It is good for the recruitment process when the number of applicant increases as more skills will be provided for selection.

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8. Backup for organization

A fear of employee leaving the business firm is always there and maybe they leave in the middle of the project. It is a huge pitfall in terms of talent as well as time because the new employee takes some time to adjust to the working atmosphere of an organization.

In such cases, the solution is provided by the recruitment as they have some backup candidates who can perform in an accurate way.

9. Matches with the legal requirements

After meeting all the legal obligations, it is also making sure by the recruitment process that the candidate meets all the terms and conditions. It is very good to minimize the stress of the organization by collecting all the required documents that are needed to work within the premises of the organization.

10. Fulfil current and future requirements

All the requirements of the company are analyzed by the Human Resource Department so that there is no short-staffed in the organization. If any requirement for the potential arises in the organization, then there is a pool of talented candidate with recruitment team and place them in the correct positions.

11. Internal Recruitment

It is not always must that the recruitment of vacant position can only be done from the outside of the organization. Apart from external recruitment, it is more effective when it is done from internal recruitment. Various departments are there in an organization and several people want to change their department or want to get some other set of skills. They want to see the sights around to grow their jobs and knowledge as well.

12. Maintaining balance

It is significant to select the capable candidate according to the requirements of the organization and job role. If the candidate selection is done in an inappropriate manner, then it may lead to creating chaos and imbalance within the premises of the organization. However, a better recruitment process by the HR department may lead to the selection of candidates that fits that well on the job.

13. Growth in value creation

A huge margin of profit can be increased by the recruitment of the right kind of candidate as the professional as well as talented manpower provided through the recruitment process as compared to the unskilled employee. These productive employees are producing more than average employees.

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Final Words

The recruitment process helps the organization to clear the vision towards the accomplishment of the goals. Talented and professional candidates with relevant skills, abilities and knowledge are appointed within the organization with the help of recruitment process.

So it was all about Importance of Recruitment, if you have any doubt then please comment below.

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