25 Essential Skills of Human Resource Manager:Go into HR because you like to impact people’s lives for good by influencing pay, benefit packages and employee-friendly packages,” Campagna says. 

Do you have enough skills to grasp the position of Human Resource Manager in the HR department of any organization?

First and foremost, it is a kind of discipline that requires high-end management as well as leadership skills to excel in this career and eligible as a business executive that HRM is looking for. An HR Practitioner who equipped with deep knowledge and practical skills may lead to generate more growth opportunities in the business world.

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25 Essential Skills of Human Resource Manager

Here, we have jotted down some of the skills that are essential for becoming a Human Resource Manager. Let us have a quick look at all these abilities and essential skills of human resource manager. Let us begin with Communication Skills.

1. Communication Skills

Being on the senior position of HR Department, you must able to express yourself in a very brilliant manner whether it is orally or verbally communication. This department is the talking point of business and the entire process of recruitment and selection involves a series of interviews.

Apart from that, an HR Manager has to deal with a diverse range of people in their daily schedule and listening to them properly to keep the situation under control needs communication skills whether it is attached with work or not. Due to all these interactions, it builds up confidence and trust among employees.

3. Writing Skills

Along with the communication skills, an HR Manager should have good writing skills so as to connect with other employees in a very impressive with. Writing skills ought to be awesome as every word speaks in favour of every employee. Moreover, it is the responsibility of an HR Manager to design as well as produce the policy handbooks and demos for the staff which also require a better writing skill.

4. Organization Skills

It involves a lot of functions such as recruitment, selection, training, performance appraisal and employee development but it is not at all limited to it as it entails organizational skills too which are mandatory. An HR Manager must look over all the activities and make sure all the processes are running in a systematic way.

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To exemplify, a standard employee training platform is required for every position of the organization. Further, it also comprises of proper organization of employee’s profile and their legal documents. Along with all these procedures, it leads to organize everything in business to avoid messing up.

5. Decision-making Skills

An ample number of decisions needs to be taken by the organization and major decision related to the future is involved in HR as manpower is an important asset of any business. To exemplify, the major decision is always taken by the HR Manager during the recruitment process while deciding about a candidate as the person fits the job profile or not. It is not easy to learn how to recognize the talent of an applicant. It is a situation where intuition, strategy and experience are required. This is required by the role of the HR Manager.

6. Training and Development Skills

An HR Manager needs to have training and development skills. It is the duty of an HR Manager to provide the employment opportunities in order to enhance the performance and also maximize value too. Sessions must be organized on leadership as well as management skills, so as to equip the employees with diverse skills. It adds value to the employees and helps them in their career growth.

7. Budget Skills

HR Personnel goes through all terms of compensations and benefits. Similar is the case with training and development, social tasks, performance appraisal and so on. Under this, the primary role of the HR Manager is to restrict their expenditures and not spend unnecessarily on any activities of the organizations.

8. Empathetic Skills

HR Manager has to deal with different aspects such as overburden of work, complaints about salary and conflicts among the employees of an organization. Being a manager, you require empathetic skills to analyze a person and understand all the aspects in a proper way before making any decision.

For example, might be the employee can share something from his chest or want to indicate some grievances from a work point of view. So, in such cases, the employees need to have a proper listening ear and got the message clearly.

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9. On-boarding

The strong onboarding system can minimize the expensive turnover of the year. On-boarding defines the process through which they hire new employees and make them adjust with social as well as performance aspects of the job profile quickly and smoothly. HR Manager must have onboarding skills to maximize the chances that they can settle down rapidly and manage their job for the long run.

10. Human Resources Information System

It is related to the HR Payroll System and interaction between the manpower and the information technology via HR software. With the help of HRIS, all the processes and activities of the HR department can be handled easily and it lightens the workload and helps the personnel to work efficiently. The tools may vary from one business firm to others but it is sort of core functionality.

11. Scheduling Skills

Being as an HR manager, a person must have better scheduling skills. Juggling and prioritizing is required in most of the tasks of the team and it requires scheduling through the company calendar. It is vital to create a proper plan so that every individual can easily achieve their set goals.

12. Endurance

To begin with, the highlighted skill that an HR Manager must have is to endure any sort of situation as business deals with varieties of situations at the same time. HR Manager must have a high level of commitment and patience to handle all circumstances with a long period of job employment however the turnover is quite costly.

13. Trustworthy

Another important characteristic is the identification of trust that an HR Manager should maintain as the person is responsible to hire some people that will be helpful to accomplish the goal of an organization. When the person is trustworthy, then half of the success is achieved as manpower is recruited by taking objectives and nature of the job in a business firm and they can also stick for a long time.

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14. Multi-tasking Skills

With the growing competition in the business world, companies want an HR Manager who can handle more than one task at the same time. Moreover, in case of the absence of any member of the HR Department, the person is able to manage all the associated tasks and keep it in mind that all activities must be completed successfully. It also enhances the profile of HR Manager and leads to cost-cutting for most of the time. Hence, multi-tasking skills can give a huge benefit to you.                      

15. Ambitious

An HR Manager must be an asset to the organization and not the liability as he takes the guarantee of the workforce to do all the tasks in a proper manner. Moreover, he motivates as well as encourages other employees to get into their job with full concentration and it can give them a high level of increments and promotions. HR Manager must be ambitious so that he can also develop the same quality in other employees to surpass their own excellence.

16. Team Player

An organization is equipped with a group of people having a distinct nature and type of qualities. So, an HR Manager must sure that all the employees are working in a team to achieve the set target of the organization, no matter how different they are according to their nature. While working at the job place, he must maintain a balance between all the employees and foster them to work in a team and not alone.    

17. Positive Attitude

An HR Manager deals with a diverse range of situations in business and he ought to maintain a positive attitude towards every type of circumstances. Positivity at workplace brings in winning attitude and the organization always looking out for HR Manager with loads of positivity. A person with positive attitude stands out of crowd and can transform failures into the confidence.

18. Customer Service Skills

Plenty of management and leadership abilities are required to grab the position of HR Manager in the HR department of an organization. But it entails with resolving the workplace issues which is a huge part of the business firm and indispensable to sort out these issues. It takes a lot of time to resolve all the issues and conflict situations.

19. Project Management Skills

Apart from all the day to day organizational and administrative skills, HR Manager is amidst of all large projects. For instance, it includes the projects related to the installation of a performance management system, writing a handbook, employee surveys, HRIS and so on.

Bonus Skills

Although the technical skills are not at all part of a human resource manager position it gives you an edge on the marketplace being tech-savvy. It can range between data analysis to the adaptation of virtual reality. The job of HR Manager revolves around the theories and policies however neglect the numbers.

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20. Skills to dealing with Grey

HR Manager has to deal with a large number of issues related to the organization whether it is personal or professional. For example, the issues are related to discrimination, harassment, reasonable accommodation; approve intermittent leave and so on. The person has to handle all the situations with all the best available information and can take help from other colleagues, attorneys and other professionals.

21. Negotiation Skills

Along with dealing with grey, the skills of negotiation also add value to the HR professional’s ability. An acceptable middle ground must be finding out by the successful HR manager whether the opposition views are two or more in numbers. The specific goal of negotiation is to satisfy both the parties with the end decision and it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

22. Discrete and Ethical Skills

The conscience of the company is HR professionals and moreover, they also keep all the confidential records of the company. You should make sure that all the rules and policies established by the top management are followed by all the employees within the premises of the business. However, if there are not in a certain order, then the HR Manager needs to push back. Obviously, they must handle all the confidential information and never divulge in front of any unknown person.

23. Dual Management Skills

Being an HR Manager, it is a kind of dual responsibility to protect the interest of the employees and also enforce the policies of the management as you also serve the top management too. Sometimes, the decisions taken by HR Manager misunderstood by few and it may lead to catching criticism but you never disclose any confidential information.

24. Legal Knowledge

HR Managers are neither considered as lawyers nor they need to be. But a great understanding of basic laws and rules related to employment is crucial to enter into this field. Moreover, HR Manager needs to make some quick decisions that have some legal repercussions.

25. How to Fire

Firing an employee is a big deal rather than saying “today is your last day of a job”. The motive behind the firing is to inform the person about their leave and move on with their life. In such cases, you are required to be compliant, fair and compassionate but also via the legal implications of all actions.

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Wrapping Up

Well, these are essentials for every HR Manager if they want to shine on that position. All these skills are a concise overview of HR skills that are mandatory. HR Manager does not need to be a people-person but a personality that can give a lot of opportunities to get familiar with employees, their conflicts and providing the best possible solution. However, you need to have all these skills in order to succeed in the career of HRM.

So it was all about Essential Skills of Human Resource Manager. If you have any doubt then please comment below.

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